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thoughts without purpose

are the only kind worth having

i have seen in strange young eyes
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All she wanted to do was go to the movies.
I'm Anna and I think I'm stuck.
INTERESTS Movies. Good music. Boys with accents. Movies with good music and boys with accents. Pictures. Sun. Rain. Beach. London. Tape (duct especially). Blue hair. Candy. Coffee. Tea. Androgyny. Playing the logo game. Harry Potter. Popcorn fights. Pictionary. Movie quotes. Karaoke. Flying. Laughing. Making faces at the cars next to me. Fun Dip. Entertaining people. Records. Sunglasses.
MUSIC The Beatles. XTC. The Doors. Blur. The Kills. Jeff Buckley. The Clash. The Decemberists. The Hush Sound. IAMX. A Fine Frenzy. Amy Winehouse. Garbage. The Jam. The Smiths. Patrick Wolf. Nick Drake. Scissor Sisters. Wheatus. Crowded House. Squeeze. Kate Nash. Duran Duran. Doves. Oasis. Elephant. The Faint. Mates of State. Stars. Iron and Wine. Ash. Nick Lowe. Apples in Stereo. We are Scientists. Belle and Sebastian.
TV The Mighty Boosh. Skins. Teachers. Doctor Who. Bones. Life on Mars. Buffy. House MD. Weeds. Kitchen Confidential. Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Project Runway. Firefly. The Simpsons. News Radio. Hotel Babylon.
MOVIES Can't Hardly Wait. Almost Famous. Empire Records. What's Up Doc. Brick. Saved. 24 Hour Party People. Shaun of the Dead. A Mighty Wind. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Still Crazy. Velvet Goldmine.
PEOPLE Gary Oldman. Noel Fielding. Matthew Goode. Kate Winslet. Seth Green. Rachel Weisz. John Barrowman. Charlotte Gainsbourg. Cillian Murphy. Shirley Manson. Russell Brand. Eddie Izzard.

If you are looking for infinity, just close your eyes.

"huckleberry", amoeba music, androgyny from hasbro, beck, billie piper, bones, btvs, burn notice, calvin and hobbes, chris corner, christian bale, cinematography, coen brothers, coffee, comedy, cookie dough, crystal mint orbit gum, cult movies, danny boyle, dave foley, dean learner, dee plume, doctor who, duran duran, eddie izzard, empire records, esnips, ewan macgregor, film, finger painting, firefly, gary oldman, good bad movies, goth detectives, graffiti of facebook, gross pointe blank, haight, harry potter, hitchcock, hot fuzz, house md, hugh laurie, hustle, iamx, interview, it crowd, james lance, jeeves and wooster, jeff davis, jekyll, john barrowman, john barrowman singing!, john cusack, joseph gordon-levitt, josie, julia davis, julian barratt, kiss kiss bang bang, kitchen confidential, life on mars, little britain, little miss sunshine, matt damon, matt horne, maxxie's chipmunk dance, michel gondry, monty python, movies, music, music videos, never mind the buzzcocks, news radio, nick hornby, nighty night, noel fielding, office supplies, oscar wilde, papier mache, peet's iced lattes, phantom of the paradise, pinpinnery!, popcorn, project runway, psycho beach party, qi, retro, richard ayoade, robert downey jr., robocop psas, robot chicken, robots in disguise, russell brand, sean biggerstaff, seth green, sharpies, simon amstell, simpsons, skins, smoothies, soundtracks, spaced, stardust, stephen fry, steve buscemi, sue denim, sugar rush, tape, teachers, the decemberists, the dude, the fillmore, the hush sound, the it crowd, the kills, the mighty boosh, tim burton, tim gunn, torchwood, twin peaks, velvet goldmine, vidding, walks, weeds, writing